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The Kyanite King has had many incarnations over the past 17 years
and has always maintained a strong customer service orientation.




The journey started in 1997....

....with beaded and woven jewelry. The focus was on providing jewelry to satisfy clients.
When you create a jewelry item for someone and they are very excited when they buy it,
well it goes without saying, that is the kind of experience we all want.
The business moved into minerals that year and the focus turned towards trade shows and events.
Having setup at well over 1000 gem shows craft shows, festivals and the like,
since then there has been a flurry of product line changes.
In 2005 The Kyanite King entered into the Sterling Silver business
adding more than 300 styles of rings in the last 10 years.
2006 marked the start of this!
The website was started then and has been a great way to get
introduced to more lovely people looking for personal service and delightful items.
2010 saw the addition of tapestries as well as Stainless steel jewelry.

At present the focus is still centered around you!
We still carry beads and beaded jewelry made by The Kyanite King.

While keeping minerals and gemstones predictable
we have eliminated the "issue" with buying gemstones online.
Most of the gemstones listed are general pictures which give you the idea of the item color, variation, etc.
Otherwise the pictures are not enhanced and will show you what they look like.

We look to provide you with quality specimens of kyanite in all of its forms and colors like black kyanite which has some of the most attractive patterns and varieties of shape.
The black kyanite gemstones are available in single random specimens or in bulk wholesale form.
The bulk and wholesale form will include settlement and are priced by weight.

The blue kyanite is by far our most popular item and is available in many different forms both polished kyanite and natural blue kyanite blades. Aside from the classic black and blue colors we are happy to announce a partnership within Tanzania in regards to the Orange kyanite and Green kyanite.
The orange is typically smaller in size from small pieces to 5-8gr sticks.
The shape of the orange kyanite is almost exclusively stick shaped and works well with smaller jewelry or craft projects.

The Green Kyanite is a bright green luster and can be flat or stick shaped.
The weights of the Green Kyanite will vary greatly from piece to piece but are large in comparison to the orange kyanite.
You are also welcome to contact us in regards to larger bulk or wholesale orders of 50+ Kilos which will give you a greater discount.

One of our loves in the crystal world for the last 16 years, though enhanced, is the Aqua Aura crystals.
The Aqua Aura crystals get their light blue glow by gold metal ionization.
This process gives them this most distinct blue glow.

Speaking of #crystallove When we did favorite, Labradorite was the one that caught our eye.
We carry the standard Madagascar labradorite in many forms.
Our special supply which you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else is the Canadian Labradorite.
The Labrador coast in Canada is where this prized source of Labradorite comes from. We carry it in its rough natural state only
and sizes are typically from 1-3 pounds per piece.

Wholesale prices have been updated for the year 2015.
A hard copy can be mailed to you if you prefer.

Monthly Specials For January

Twin Dolphins Ring Sterling AA9
Twin Dolphins Ring Sterling AA9
$16.00  $12.00
Save: 25% off
1 Pc Blue Kyanite Cab Pendant
1 Pc Blue Kyanite Cab Pendant
$18.00  $15.00
Save: 17% off

Retro Owl Pendant Lg
Retro Owl Pendant Lg
$4.00  $3.20
Save: 20% off

Orange Kyanite Specimen 50grams
Orange Kyanite Specimen 50grams
$50.00  $25.00
Save: 50% off
Green Kyanite Specimen 50grams
Green Kyanite Specimen 50grams
$50.00  $25.00
Save: 50% off
Green Kyanite Specimen 10grams
Green Kyanite Specimen 10grams
$15.00  $7.50
Save: 50% off

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Fairy Classic Charm 02/01/2015
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