A popular item at shows. Ammonite singles and pairs from .5 inch in size.

Great size for jewelry!

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Amber Carvings

A new item as of 2018. Custom carvings and a wide variety in stock!

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Arfvedsonite Points

A hot seller both online and at shows! Muted black base rock with fibers of green gold and blue.

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Gem Shows & Events

We travel quite a bit to set up at various types of events and trade shows. Though the stock at shows and the prices may differ. We hope it gives a bit of insight into what an item looks like in person. Gemstones can be quite different depending on the lighting and online there are many edits done to pictures to make them look good for the screen.

Having been in the business since 1997 the general thought has always been to buy in person.

We are happy to bring your order to a show so you can save on shipping however, Show destinations are currently within a few hours of Philadelphia. NJ, IN, VA, MD, NY, OH are the current show states.

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