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September 16, 2019 New Website!

New Website!

Well, it’s happened again!
A whole new website!

The primes are listed with more being added weekly as time permits between shows. The high fees on Ebay, Amazon, and now Etsy have pushed me to making the website the place for you to find the specialty items and one off items. You can still find my bulk listings on the other sites but if you want the individually selected prices and items, kyaniteking.com will now be the home for it!

As the items sellout on these other sites I will not be relisting them. The time spent doing that could equally be performed here.  The emails sent out will also be posted here as blog posts! As well as any other musings I come across.. I resisted the machinations of the internet for long enough. Now seems like a good time to make a strong push forward!

Here are some of the things already listed..
Have a look and let me know what you think!!
And if you made it this far, use Coupon Code “comeonover” to save 15% 🙂

Other Gemstones

Some Clearance Items (many more to be added soon)
Clearance!! $5/LB

Emerald Calcite B Grade
(Stock Clearance Special)

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