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PALEO NEWS:       The Paleontological Institute is pleased to announce the publication the latest article in Treatise Online.

Carrie E. Schweitzer, & Rodney M. Feldmann, Part R, Revised, Volume 1, Chapter 8T8:
Systematic descriptions: Superfamilies Belloidea, Bythograeoidea, Dairoidea, and Palicoidea: Suborder Axonophora, Infraorder Diplograptina II (Climacograptidae, Dicranograptidae): Introduction, morphology, and systematic descriptions. Treatise Online 130:1–8, 5 fig.

AND THAT’S NOT ALL:       The Paleontological Institute would like to announce the newest publication (number 21) in the Paleontological Contributions series.

Dirk Fuchs. 2019. Eromangateuthis n. gen., a new genus for a late Albian gladius-bearing giant octobrachian (Cephalopoda: Coleoidea). This article, as well as many articles previously published by the Paleontological Institute, can be downloaded for free from the KU ScholarWorks website.

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   Last Updated 2/7/2020