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Kyanite King minerals weekly sale

Sales Event

This week there is a new Amber Specimen with a spider inclusion!
The sale category is Chrysocolla!
Purchase “Per Piece” or Wholesale “Per Pound”
Selenite Massage Wands are still on sale at $6/pc ending next week.
Thank you for your continued support!

New Email Formatting and Necessary Sales Changes

With the changing times there is a push and nearly a requirement to keep up with the ever adjusting atmosphere of person to person sales. With the current epidemic pushing new measures and guidelines for how “in-person” interactions are to take place, creating a new social paradigm, I’ll be making adjustments in regards to “events” and “sales”, being predominantly executed online.

 Along with random Online Sales Events, I will be attempting to send out a weekly sales email every Saturday linked to all the social accounts as early as I can put it together. If you love rocks and jewelry you should be satisfied with it. I promise to spice it up with some news items too 🙂

 I’m shooting for a video item per week and a whole category sale to go along with it.

Hopeful Equation (Special Item + Sale Category = Awesome)